Our Story

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere"  - Carl Sagan

The 'Kepler' name was inspired by Carl Sagan and his special skill to take complex ideas and explain them in simple words, examples and images that helped everyone to understand. Johannes Kepler could not accept the existing views of planetary motion in the 17th century. He provided his own view based on his application of calculus and physics. His ideas on planetary motion are now part of we understand today.

We started with a clean sheet of paper and a vision of developing interconnect solutions in a different way than the current providers. The 'different way' that we follow means faster time to market, a culture of customer focus, innovative solutions all with an experienced team. 

We also wanted to create a business structure that supported a cost effective approach to our customer's long term needs. We don't transfer our designs to another location; we develop within our factory with our team

Dongguan, China was chosen for our factory location. This allows for access to a vast technical and professional talent pool, a deep and wide supply chain and our collective experience within the region. Global logistics partners make the world smaller.